9 Solidly Cool Tips to Beat the Heat this Season (and the Next and the Next and the Next and ……)

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Welcome to the hottest time of the year! No, we take it back. By this time of the year, we are quite used to the heat and the temperature is not going to rise higher but it is the humidity that is going to drive you crazy for the next few months. At least, until autumn decides to knock on the door.

It feels like the hot months of the year aka the summer and monsoon are getting hotter and harder to endure with each passing year. Plus, you cannot cool down in this hot weather due to the obvious as pool parties are all crowded, hill stations are jam-packed and fizzy drinks are really the worst things we can chug down.

And hence (love this word, we do), we are going to give you tips to beat the heat for free.

If you are expecting tips like apply sunscreen, carry an umbrella, take a shower twice (or is it thrice) a day, keep hydrated, etc., you are on the wrong website. We are going to beat the heat ? WiseIdiot style (talia, talia, talia ? Hindi mein padhne ka, you Batman fanatic):

WiseIdiot Tip #1: Get Glued to a Seat in the Mall.

Most of our super duper malls have ACs that you should use to the hilt while pondering on the important things in life like designer clothes. So yeah, go for that window shopping trip and get glued to the vacant seat you can find in a caf? or food court. Just refrain from making eye contact with anyone or else you might feel obliged to buy something.

WiseIdiot Tip #2: Behave Like an Ideal Employee.

Go to the office early and leave late. This can be much helpful to dissipate your latecomer?s image too. Without letting them know that you are doing it just for the AC, show that you care for your work by looking intently at your computer screen. Full marks for scribbling something into your notepad so that people think you are taking notes when actually you are making a grocery list.

WiseIdiot Tip #3: All Hail the Metro!

Metro Corporations are working hard and spending lots of money to make journeys comfortable for us. So don?t you think you should give them a helping hand? Make full use of every spot whether it is stairs, escalators, food joints, or some mini-mall. Of course, you might end up doing a few sit-ups if you see the security guard walking around.

WiseIdiot Tip #4: Go to the Library for a Change.

If you are a student, fix a seat in your nearest library. Libraries are cool, quiet and comfortable. All the books and book-wormy vibe might rub off of you and might make you want to read a book for a change. Isn?t it a cool idea? Just a small tip, when you nod off, try not to snore, and if you do, get one of those band-type things you put on top of the nose.

WiseIdiot Tip #5: Take a Quick Break in an ATM Carrel.

When you are walking down the street at the time of the day when the sun is directly on your head (it is not overhead in the summers, it is on our heads ? that?s what the sun does in the summer, sit on our heads), ATM booths are the best places to get a quick respite from the scorching sun. While you are at it, check your account balance or get a mini statement provided it does not give you a bigger shock than the heat itself.

WiseIdiot Tip #6: Be a Cheapskate at a Caf?.

If your wallet allows you to spend a few bucks to get AC cooling then a cosy cafe is the right place to chill and let the world go by. Just order the least expensive thing, nibble on it for hours and you are all set to beat the heat. Most cafes now are work cafes for freelancers. Just do what they do. Take your laptop and headphones, put on a movie (with your back to the wall if you feel embarrassed watching that rom-com), and you are all set.  

WiseIdiot Tip #7: Get to Know Your Bank.

Like Know Your Customer (KYC) norms, you can start a campaign of your own at a bank of your choice. Visit the bank branch to update your passbook, ask about their latest loan scheme or just enquire about FD interest rates.

WiseIdiot Tip #8: Make New Friends.

What are friends for if they cannot give you a lift in their fully air-conditioned car to wherever you want to go? Well, if you don?t have any then it is time to GET new friends and make plans. Time is running out, get started right now. Open up Facebook, use Meetup or Insta and you may be in a sweet cool spot soon on the way to a mall.

WiseIdiot Tip #9: Heard of Museums and Art Galleries?

If you have no clue what museums or art galleries are for, there is nothing like the summer or monsoon to become aware of these institutions. Most of the modern museums have air conditioning of some sort or at least are old concrete buildings with cool spots to sit down and try to get a nap with your eyes wide open (don?t tell me you haven?t tried this at school and college?) Art galleries usually have air conditioning but are somewhat smaller and unless you can sit in front of a painting and draw doodles for hours, you may have to find a new one every few hours.

Still worried about the heat? Well, stop and conserve your energy. Soon the monsoon will be in its full swing and you will complain about the flu, stomach infections (thanks to the copious of amounts of pakoras and panipuris you will eat) and of course, mosquitoes! And soon, very soon, glorious  autumn will be here.

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