Is Friday overrated? Or why it is so easy to love the weekend

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WiseIdiot - Is Friday overrated

Is Friday overrated? Or why it is so easy to love the weekend

The fascinating weekend and why you probably have been indoctrinated with the work-life balance paradox. So easy to love the weekend when you don’t love your job. The question is not ‘Why not enjoy the weekend?’ but ‘Why not enjoy the entire week?’

Why do we continue jobs we do not want or cannot afford to love? Why not be someone who earns a bit less but creates some amazing stuff?

Confused about what we are saying?

Let us explain.

In the simplest reasoning, there are two things at play here.

The first is the job. The current work environment is a social construct, not a natural one. It is a progression of what started in the industrial age 200 or so years back.

The reason everyone follows it is that it makes life simple. Coming to work at a certain time and logging off at a certain time ensured the factories of the industrial age produced goods with unerring efficiency. This method worked and as service industries sprang up to cater to these factories, they too started following the time specifics of the established players. And this continues until today.

The system works but it does not follow the natural order of things. This is the second reason.

Man has NEVER worked within confines of fixed hours on such a large scale before. Even if we did work in jobs before in larger cities and industries, there were other alternatives. You could have been a herder, a farmer, an artisan, or done many of the other things that helped the economy run until around two centuries ago.

Now the options are not so many. And the prospect of being on one’s own without the insurance of a monthly salary is difficult to stomach, despite the unnecessary noise around being an entrepreneur.

So, the question: what do you do to escape?

Find something that you can do easily and enjoy. And get good at it.

You may not get the payscale of a coveted job but you will have your mental health. And if you choose to be smart about money, you will easily get the lifestyle you wish.

Find something in which you can lose yourself (i.e. get into the flow state quite easily) and the weekend will lose its allure for you will love your work and your life so much you will stop looking at the days as weekdays or weekends but as days to be lived and enjoyed to the full.

And that is what life is all about.

For more details on how to start and stay on the course, you can read our post here and to keep it simple by focusing on one job at a time, you can read our post here.

To summarise: do the job you love, not the job you have to love.

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