How to Become Famous Overnight – The 2-Step Process

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How to Become Famous Overnight – The 2-Step Process

1. Post Any Partisan Shit

2. Tag A Celebrity or Better, a Politician

Social media platforms are now abuzz with celebrity and political posts. They are skewed, more intent on saying only what they want to say and not caring a whit for different opinions.

On the flip side, it is easy to use them to your benefit. The more trending the topic, the more are the chances of you using it to rise to influen-star-dom.

If you are new to the game, you will see this soon enough. Any differing opinion is attacked with love and able gusto, insults and curses traded over commas and full stops, and everyone goes home happy that they have done a good day’s work.

You can jump in too if you have the stomach to take a few bad comments for the greater cause of being well known.

Now the question is: do you want to do that or would you rather create something of value that leaves an impact long after you are gone? If this is what you seek, get out of the social media rate race and focus on creating value.

But that is difficult and will need patience, perseverance, dedication, hard work, smart work, loads of time and effort, and all other words and things that seem inspirational until you are alone toiling away and all the razzmatazz has faded away. 

But if you stick to it, magic will happen.

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