Keys to Social Media Success

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Keys to Social Media Success

1. Post Well

2. Post Often

3. Post Stupid

This is the truth. Social media platforms reward you for posting more by giving you more access to your viewers. And the posts that trend are usually the most stupid ones imaginable.

It may be tough for you to post stupid things but if you can stoop down to make an ass of yourself, dance in sync for 5 seconds with friends, fall flat on your face doing any stupid thing – nothing can stop you from grabbing the attention of the dopamine-boost– seeking social media thumbers.

People like to see things out of the ordinary. The more strange the stuff you post the more likelihood of you getting ahead in the game. And you will soon be an influencer.

Now the question is: do you want to do that or would you rather create something of value that leaves an impact long after you are gone? If this is what you seek, get out of the social media rate race and focus on creating value.

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