Go on Journeys that You Enjoy

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Go on journeys – literal/metaphorical – that you enjoy.

The destination/goals are usually not as great as they are hyped up to be. Most times they are let downs.

This is especially true for the goals we pursue in life. After we have achieved the first few ones, the rest lose their charms and you are often left feeling lost and hopeless when you attain your ‘dream’. Happens to all of us.

The goal, therefore, is a cliché – to enjoy the journey.

But here is something you may not have heard – pace it in a way that you do not become a wreck. Stress can build up in numerous ways. From rushing through the day, from an imagined slight, from deadlines, from anything and nearly everything.

Humans have lived without noise for thousands of years but the clamour we have around us now is unimaginable. Is it any wonder we are so stressed all the time?

Moreover, we have made our lives more complicated than they need to be.

We pursue our goals to feel secure but there are larger evils that make us vulnerable.

Lack of national social infrastructure for instance. A system that ensures the aged, the infirm and the weak are protected is good governance. But when we have systems that reward short-term thinking, then everyone from policymakers to laypeople are just suffering from anachronistic systems that have long since served their purpose and need to change. But that is difficult. For most who can change the systems don’t know how and those who do disagree on ways to achieve the result.

So, what can you do at an individual level?

The answer to that is to know what you need.

What will make you happy? If you say, a private jet, then you are already lost in the quagmire of greed that passes off as success. Don’t be unaware of what you really need just because the systems that surround us have made it easier for us to not know who we are.

Enjoy the journey and life will reveal itself to you.

It will be difficult at first, but when you do, the truths about life start to become clear. Knowing these truths create a heaven on earth – at least it will for you.

So, enjoy the journey.

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