Life will take you places you may not want to go

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Life will take you places you may not want to go.

What you do when you are at that place depends on you. Others will give you advice, lead you astray – you have to ensure you back yourself – no one else will.

Most of us will be overwhelmed by our emotions and spend time wondering What-Ifs and Why-Mes.

Waste some time getting caught up in unnecessary emotions.

Give time to vent, know why you vent and most importantly, don’t be embarrassed that you do.

Look at yourself from across the table. See what you are going through and encourage yourself to be okay with your temporary feelings of frustration and consequent anger.

If you make this a regular process, you will be able to control your emotions faster. And find it easier to go where you want to go.

Growing up you will likely not have been told how to manage yourself.

And if you are from a certain background or at a certain age, esoterica will have likely formed a building block of your inner being.

It is good to remember that childhood memories are potent because they are the first few times we had encountered those emotions. Over time, the same emotions lose their charm and their ability to stun us.

This means that if you wish, you can chance upon an emotion or a thought process and look at it in a different light – free from regular bias.

Difficult yes but this is your life. One chance to be the best you can be. Why not give it a try?

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