Life Has Not Promised You Any Break from Hard Work, But…

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Life has not promised you any break from hard work.

But you can take breaks whenever & wherever you feel like it.

Life is not a struggle to be endured but a journey to be lived. If you choose to live it and love it, you will realise that breaks can be taken anytime you want. You are not in a race.

We take a saying and define our lives by it – forgetting that life is much more nuanced than a wise quote.

Quotes are good. They speak wisdom. But like most things, they are true to a moment and not as an unbreakable rule.

Think about it: two extremely opposite quotes: ‘Time and tide wait for no man’ and ‘Patience is the best medicine’ are perfectly justified in specific moments but not for all of time. We have to know when to apply each in our lives.

The same applies to life and what we do to make a good life: work.

Work can be a salvation if you enjoy it but can be drudgery if you hate your work. But you can take breaks whenever you want. Nobody can take that from you, unless of course, you think you are a bonded labourer – which you are not – even if you stay in a country that tramples upon individual freedom. And if you are in a country like that, then you are doing yourself a service by not getting out of there.

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