Most People Suffer from Stress on Mondays, Except…

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Most People Suffer from Stress on Mondays, Except in the Middle East

They Suffer from Stress on Saturdays & Sundays

The world can be a known and yet a very strange place. Not many of us know that the weekend in the Middle East is usually on Friday or Friday and Saturday. But there is more to it.

Most of us spend our time surrounded by Cognitive Biases that protect us sometimes but in most cases blind us to the idea of a larger world.

This blindness of sorts is what makes us distinguish between ‘us’ and ‘them’.

You see this in tribe mentality, be it in larger regional, linguistic, religious biases or in smaller yet equally vicious ones.

The ability to look beyond requires courage and self-belief that your existence gives you the right of equality among all people.

This is not something you will find in a world that profits from division of people. But you can choose to understand this reality and still try to create a better world for yourself and the next generations.

What you choose will determine what kind of a person you are – one with courage or one who accepts biases simply because they are easy.

The practical person will choose the later, the idealist the former, and neither is wrong.

You have the right to choose what you want to be, the life you want to create.

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