About WiseIdiot

Where do we start?

Honestly, do we need to?


What will you do with the information?

Seriously, have we asked you about you?

We haven’t, have we?

Then why do you want to know about us?


Speak up. Talking to yourself won’t let us hear you.

So, you are a nice?person, you say?

Just a bit curious, eh?

Okay. Fine.

Here is what we are.

WiseIdiot is an idea ? didn’t expect that, did you??Well we are.

An idea to look at things that are important (or not) but which seldom get a second glance (or do). The vision is to idiotically go where no wise (woman or) man ? conservative feminist, we are, yes ? has gone before.

Simply put, we like to say commonsensical or rather nonsensical things, simply because we can. We don’t give a rat’s ass?to the correctness or leanings of what we write, and what you think of it (because if you do, you are simply one of us – a bigoted, opinionated idiot who thinks he is wise beyond compare, witty beyond words.) Honesty hurts, doesn’t it?

What do you mean, it doesn’t? It hurt us! So, you think you are better than us?

Fine, be better.

Every day.

And try making us too.


If you are not shaking your head yet, you have more free time than you think. And then we have a question for you.

Oh, wait.

We do not.

And you are right. Being drunk and writing an About Us section don’t mix very well.

Well, cheers to that, we say.

Editor’s note: God in heaven or wherever, who wrote all this?! And where is my whisky?