What do i do today and tomorrow? Or the power of finding your voice

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What i do today and tomorrow? WiseIdiot

What do i do today and tomorrow? Or the power of finding your voice

The past and the present may be different from the future if we change our path, and tread the road we want to walk on. Actions until now are already history. What are you doing tomorrow?

There is a very wise and deep saying by someone we have not been able to find on the internet:

People spend 80 years of their life only influenced by the first 18

If you look around you and within yourself, you will realise that this is unfortunately correct. Most of us relish our childhood as the best years of our lives.

The reason for this is primarily scientific as the brain is growing at this time and we are mostly dealing with new experiences. Everything feels fresh and new and this is what we remember. In addition reasons such as the brain choosing to remember only the happy events and forgetting the unhappy or mundane ones, make the past a treasure chest of good memories.

More often than not, the path we choose during these youthful years is what we travel on. New experiences that shed more light on what we like and what we don’t are often ignored. These new understandings also tell us more about who we are and who we are not, giving us a sense of our identity. Unfortunately, the tried and tested path we walk on is what we choose to follow.

If we are unhappy with the work we do or the lives we live, the result is a lifetime of apathy and at best jadedness. The unhappiness becomes all-pervading. We choose to drown our feelings in drinks, thrills or other totems that do not offer the solace we need since they do not solve the underlying problem.

An image shared by the website Wait But Why makes a very good case for the options you have in front of you at any point in time including this very moment.

Source: Wait But Why (via Facebook)

Many of us may have read Robert Frost’s poem, ‘The Road Not Taken’. The poem in Frost’s own voice is shared below for your listening and reading pleasure. The poem is over a century old and extols you to do something that is only gaining some currency now as social media breaks down barriers: find your voice.

Take on this process of finding your voice, who you are and who are not, in small steps. There are enough sayings about how a drop after drop creates an ocean, a word after one word creates a book and like most clichés, these are fundamental yet commonplace truths that we ignore in search of the glamorous. It is good to remember that true glamour hides the hard work and the sweat and tears that have built that skyscraper.

And there you have it.

This – finding your voice – is the last part of our small series on living the life you want, doing the work you do or what is called work-life balance. The images we shared speak of greater truths that lie beneath the surface. The series was as follows:

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Part V: What do i do today and tomorrow? Or the power of finding your voice

This current post.

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