Mother’s Day Contest 2019

WiseIdiot - Mother's Day Contest 2019

We are running an ad campaign on Facebook to show our love and respect for our Moms.

The contest has the following rules and terms and conditions:

Steps to enter:

  1. Like any Mother’s Day post
  2. Like us on Facebook
  3. Post your mom?s picture with you (or family) and her patent line with the hashtag #wiseidiot
  4. Share this post with your friends to share the love

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The contest will run from the 6 pm of 10th May, 2019 to 12 pm of 13th May, 2019. Three winners will be selected randomly and will be informed by post and DM.
  2. The contestants must follow ALL the Steps to be eligible.
  3. The winners will have to respond to the DMs/posts within 24 hours to share their contact details to claim their prize.
  4. The photo quality will determine the print size. The print size will not exceed A4 paper size. Eg: If it gets too pixelated on Size A4, we will go with a smaller size to give you a better picture.

For any queries, please?comment on our Facebook page or Instagram page. You may alternatively email [email protected] for any questions.

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