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Starting a task

WiseIdiot Quotes – How do you get going when you have to start anything? A task, a journey, etc. – something that requires a wee bit of effort.

Do you look at options and then decide? And when do you get lost looking at the alternatives available?

With so many ways to get us to get up, is it a wonder we get lost amid the choices and decide to procrastinate a bit? Not really. No surprise there at all.

The human mind likes things to be easy – broken down into easily palatable and choose-able instances. If the choices are too many or we have to make a bit of an effort to get started, we prefer to say, ‘Tomorrow…” and as Chief Vitalstatix knows, “Tomorrow never comes”.

If you look up anything online on procrastination, you will be flooded with how to get rid of this disease. None of these pieces will tell you to close that ‘deep’ research and instead focus on the task at hand. But if you get some temporary control of your senses, that is what you and i must do.

To do this we must first of all stop looking at options. There is a pithy saying – paralysis by analysis – that says a lot about what most of us end up doing. And this is where we get overwhelmed and decide to subconsciously procrastinate.

So today, let’s decide to do what is now a self-improvement phenomenon – take a small step at a time. As someone wise said, ‘two steps ahead and one step back is still one step forward’ or something to that effect.

We wrote about small single steps yesterday. You are more than welcome to read and let us know what you think.

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